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PMI Cluster Keyboard Program 2019

By November 20, 2018News

The keyboard allows the easiest and most direct access to a real understanding of music theory i.e. how music is put together by composers, thereby opening the doorway to composing and arranging. It also introduces children to read both treble and bass clefs, which is an enormous benefit if a child wants to try learning a second instrument or sing in a choir.

The Primary Music Institute (PMI) Cluster Keyboard Program is open to Year 5 and 6 Cluster primary school students. The Program starts in Week 2, Term 1 and all lessons will be held at Ashdale Secondary College in the Music Department (Room GLA3F) on Monday afternoons at 4:00 – 4:40 pm.

The lessons are run externally run by PMI and the cost per child is $16.95 per week. The resource book will need to be purchased at a cost of $32 and it can be used for future blocks of lessons, should your child wish to continue into another term.

Enrolments and payments are all handled privately by PMI and not through the College. You will also need to complete the Private Tutor Agreement and return by email to or hand to Mrs Marisa Hobbs at your first lesson.

Please note: all transportation to and from lessons must be organised by parents and students should have access to a keyboard or piano at home for practice, to ensure success in the program.

To enrol your student, please go to the Primary Music Institute website and click on Enrol Now for 2019. Please select “ASHDALE SECONDARY COLLEGE” as your school (not your primary school). Choice of timeslots is on a first come, first served basis. We trust that your child will enjoy the PMI keyboard program.