Currently, we have over 180 dedicated staff, all with a high level of training in their respective fields. Our staff is the driving force that allows us to provide all students with opportunities to realise their full potential. Since 2009, we have experienced exponential growth, progressing from one year group to six student cohorts. 

Principal:  Kylie Bottcher

Deputy Principals:  Deborah Doyle, Jamie Long, Stephen Pountney and Hannah James

Manager Corporate Services:  Josephine Pecnik

Our Teachers

Ashdale Secondary College is committed to selecting and supporting the best teachers who can inspire in their students a love of learning. Our teachers can personalise the curriculum for their students and challenge each to take the next step in their education. Staff are provided with high-quality professional learning experiences to ensure they remain aware of the most up to date research into the successful delivery of rich and engaging teaching and learning programs. Staff renew and build on their skills continually and are encouraged to develop their expertise in a collaborative environment, enriching the teaching and learning program of Ashdale Secondary College.

DOYLE Deborah Deputy Principal
LONG, Jamie Deputy Principal
POUNTNEY, Stephen Deputy Principal
JAMES, Hannah Deputy Principal
PECNIK, Josephine Manager Corporate Services
RICHARDSON Chadd Year 7 – 8 Program Coordinator
WRIGHT, Andrew Year 9 – 10 Program Coordinator
POPP Josh Year 11 – 12 Program Coordinator
Design & Technology
AUSTIN, Peter Design & Technology
BAKER Chris Design & Technology
BOSCH, Peter Design & Technology
PEARCE, Mark Design & Technology – HOLA
PENDAL, Tim Design & Technology
WARWICK Stephen D&T, STEM Coordinator Secondary
BURROUGHS, Cindy English
CHAKKO, Patrick English
DAVEY, Victoria English
DAVIE, Veronica English
DI FLORIO, Melissa English Yr 9 Coord
DOMMANGE Nathalie English – HOLA
HUTCHINSON, Bill English – Literacy – GIR
KALJEE Amanda English – Literacy – GIR
MARSH Jesse English
MARSH, Sam English/LEC
O’BRIEN Ellen English
O’SHEA Fiona English
REEVES Caitlin English
ROWLAND Amy English
VERHOUVEN, Anita English
WADE, Leigh English 2IC
WOOD Sarah English
Flexi Learning Centre
PULLELLA, Nikki Flexi Learning Centre, Yr 12 Coord
RETAMAL, Ben Flexi & Phys-Ed – Yr 12 Coord
Home Economics
BRIGDEN Donna Home Economics – TIC
MALCOLM Hayley Home Economics
MESSINA Rachela Home Economics
PIANO Colleen Home Economics
ROBINSON-ESPARON Brianna Home Economics
Humanities and Social Science
BAXTER, Paul HaSS Teaching & Learning Coord
BIN SHAH IDIL, Muhummed Humanities and Social Science
CRABB Nathan Humanities and Social Science
CRICK Luke Humanities and Social Science
DAVIES, Corey Humanities and Social Science
HALUSZCZAK Janina Humanities and Social Science
HILL, Tara Humanities and Social Science
KINGSTON-POLMAN Julia Humanities and Social Science
MARSHALL Michelle Humanities and Social Science
McCORMACK Sarah Humanities and Social Science
MULLIGAN, Niall Humanities and Social Science – Yr 7 Coord
RADAICH Luke Humanities and Social Science
STEAD Stephen Humanities and Social Science
TRPENOV, Paul Humanities and Social Science/ Business
VAN VASTENHOVEN Daniel Humanities and Social Science
WITT, Christopher Humanities and Social Science HOLA
WRIGHT, Ashley Humanities and Social Science – 2IC
Information & Communication Technology
BLACKWELL Alison Information Technology
FARNAY Rachel Information Technology
IHLEIN, Jonathan Information Technology
WHITE Geoff Information Technology HOLA
YATES Deborah STEM Program Coodinator
Learning Enrichment Centre
BUTCHER, Joanne Learning Enrichment Centre
HUNT, Elisa Learning Enrichment Centre
Specialised Autism Learning Program
MAY, Vanessa Learning Support/Pastoral Care
ARULNABY Albert Maths
BARA Sara Maths
HOMER, Ashley Maths – GIR
JIN Angel Maths
LO, Ryan Maths
PATEL, Nitesh Maths 2IC
RAINS, Adam Maths – HOLA
REYNOLDS, Nichola Maths
RUTTER, Tracey Maths – GIR
SPAIN Carolyn Maths
VAN DER MERVE Sanette Maths
WINGATE, David Maths
WINTER Kane Maths
YARNELL, Jennifer Maths, Yr 7 Year Co
Student Services
DIAMOND, Susan Student Support Coordinator
HULATT, Marian Nurse
LIPSCOMBE Ferah Psychologist
RICHARDSON Kate Psychologist
Health & Physical Education
BROWN Scott Phys Ed
CANHAM Sean Phys Ed Yr 9 Year Co
CANZURLO, Anthony Phys Ed
CARBONE John Phys Ed Yr 8 Year Co
DASTLIK Jaime Phys Ed
GIRANDO Isabelle Phys Ed
HANGAN Ben Phys Ed
IOPPOLO Luke Phys Ed
JOHNSTON Rebecca Phys Ed
JOHNSTON, Lauren Phys Ed Yr 10 Year Co
SERRA, Luke Phys Ed Yr 7 Year Co
YOUNG Darren Phys Ed HOLA
DONALD Beau Science
DUCKWORTH Michael Science
ESPARON, Adam Science – Yr 11 Coord
HUGHES Julie Science
JACKSON Renae Science 2IC
LEEMING Jessica Science
LENNOX, Mia Science – HOLA
MACOBOY Melissa Science
MIRCO John Science Yr 8 Year Co
PRINT Emily Science
SMITH Emma Science
STEPHENS Rachel Science
TAYLOR Debbie Science
WILES Daizee Science
WILKIE, Tyson Science/Arts
WILLIAMS, Anthony Science Yr 10 Coordinator
WINKWORTH Nathan Science
The Arts
HUTCHINSON, Tarryne The Arts
HOBBS Marissa The Arts (Music)
IQBAL, Mo The Arts
PIRLO, Terry The Arts  HOLA
RODRIGUES, Chantal The Arts/ English Yr 8 Year Co
THOMPSON Isabonn The Arts
VET & Workplace Learning
BROUGH, Karen Business, Career & Enterprise
DELLA FRANCA Jess Workplace Learning
FALCONER Megan VET Coordinator
HOOPER, Steven Work Placement
ROUDA Kareem Business, Career & Enterprise