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Ashdale Secondary College is an Independent Public School. Only children whose usual place of residence is within the local intake area for the College are guaranteed places. All children whose usual residence is within the local intake area require an Enrolment Application form to be submitted by the first Friday of Term 3 each year to begin enrollment. Ashdale Secondary College receives many applications within its local intake area, which usually means it cannot take enrolment from outside the local intake area. Once the College has confirmed the number of local intake area enrolments, applications from children outside the local intake area can be assessed from the first Friday of Term 3 each year. The priority for students who live outside the local intake area is in the following order:

  1. A child who is accepted into a specialist program, including Approved Specialist Programs (secondary schools).
  2. A child with a sibling enrolled at the College for that year; this does not include a sibling who has gained enrolment through specialist programs, including Approved Specialist Programs (secondary schools).
  3. A child who lives closest to the College (not closest to the boundary of a local intake area school).

How to enrol your child

Parents/guardians must complete an Enrolment Application form to start the enrolment process. This form can be downloaded, collected from the College Administration Office, or emailed to you; please contact 6207 1300 to request. Submitting an Enrolment Application Form to the College does not mean your application has been accepted. Upon submitting the Enrolment of Application, the parent/guardian is required to supply the following documentation:

  • Proof of Address – Current rates notice or current lease agreement (lease greater than six (6) months)
  • Two (2) pieces of evidence of their usual place of residence (recent utility account, gas, water, etc.)
  • Driver’s licence or Passport of parent/guardian completing the application
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunisation Statement (no more than two (2) months old)
  • Most recent school report
  • If applicable, court orders or documentation showing the enrolling adult is the legal guardian.
  • If applicable, documentation relating to any diagnosed learning difficulty or medical condition.

If the student was not born in Australia, the following documents would also need to be provided:

  • Evidence of the date of entry into Australia
  • Passport or travel documents
  • Current visas and previous visas (if applicable).

NB:  The Department of Education requires that any information on suspensions and exclusions must be provided to the school when applying to enrol a child. This information will help the College provide your child with the appropriate support. Children currently suspended from a government school cannot be enrolled at another government school until the suspension period ends. Children who have previously been suspended or excluded from a government school may be required to enter into a behaviour management agreement with the school if enrolment is accepted.

For further information, please call the College Administration Office on 6207 1300 or email

Local Intake Area

The Primary Schools in the local intake area are Landsdale PS, Ashdale PS, Madeley PS, Carnaby Rise PS and Landsdale Gardens PS. Please note students in these schools who do not live in the local intake area will not be automatically accepted to the College for enrolment. The boundaries of the Local Intake Area are illustrated in this map and detailed below:

  • Northern boundary – Ocean Reef Road, which becomes Gnangara Road
  • Eastern boundary – Alexander Drive
  • Southern Boundary – Hepburn Avenue
  • Western Boundary – Wanneroo Road

An ‘Optional Intake Area’ extends from Ocean Reef Road, north along Badgerup Road, east along Ross Street, which then becomes Sydney Street, and back south to Ocean Reef Road.

Year 7-12 Enrolments: USI Number Requirements

All students (Years 7-12) must have a USI (Unique Student Identifier) number on enrolment. For more information on USI numbers and how to apply for a USI number, please click here.

Should you disagree with the College’s decision regarding your “Expression of Interest”, you can appeal to the North Metropolitan Education Regional Office (NMERO).

The NMERO will then seek to verify whether the process for managing the enrolment decision at the school complied with departmental policies and guidelines.  Before submitting an appeal, it is recommended that you contact the Principal or the Manager of District Operations at the NMERO to discuss your grievance informally.  Appeal forms are available from either the school or the NMERO.

For parents of students with a disability – If you remain dissatisfied with the decision about your child’s placement, you may request an independent review of the decision.  You should write your request to the Director-General, through the relevant District Director.  A Disabilities Advisory Panel will be convened to review the placement decision.  The panel will provide an opportunity for you to present your case.  The District Director will be able to provide you with detailed information about the panel.