All children who are enrolled in an educational setting are expected to attend on a regular basis. As a parent or carer, it is your responsibility to support the development of consistent patterns of school attendance for your child. This can be achieved by making sure your child attends school on all school days and is on time.

To ensure your child’s potential is being maximised at the College, it is essential that you:

  • Provide the school with an explanation if your child is away
  • Contact the school if you are having difficulty getting your child to school
  • Where possible arrange doctor and dentist appointments out of school hours
  • Arrange personal shopping trips with your child or birthday celebrations out of school hours
  • Arrange Local, Interstate and International trips during school holidays
  • Do not allow your child to stay at home for minor reasons

Regular attendance is essential because it ensures that learning is not disrupted and regular learning enhances the building blocks for the future. Research has also proven that regular attendance helps students develop social skills, teamwork skills, communication skills and healthy self-esteem. With regular attendance, teachers can better understand your child’s individual educational needs and create programmes to address any learning difficulties.

By working in partnership to maintain a high level of attendance, student achievement will be maximised. This is supportive of the Cluster’s ethos of ‘Every school day counts…’. Our ethos can only be achieved if students are at school advancing their education during a full school year.

Although the College is pleased with our current attendance levels, there is always room for improvement. Students should only be absent for medical reasons, and all non-vital absences should be avoided. This does include family holidays as they impede students’ academic progress.

If your child is going to be absent, you must advise the College by one of the following methods: