The central aim of the Colours system is to recognise, to acknowledge, to celebrate and to reward endeavour and achievement across academia, performance, and service to the College and the greater community. To preserve the integrity of this aim, students must see the awards of Colours as being an achievement of outstanding and distinguished merit.

The emphasis is on individual student achievement (albeit in a team or group activity), not a team or group achievement. Thus it is not expected that Colours would be awarded to every member of a team or group. In such circumstances recognition would be given to those individuals within the team or group who have made a significant contribution to the team or group outcome.

Award Categories and Criteria

Colours awards will be given within the following four areas;

  • Endeavour awards recognise students who improve considerably, or strive for success in an individual course area, or generally across many learning areas.
  • Performance awards are presented to students for outstanding efforts in the Arts, Camps, Assemblies, Arts nights, catering for College events, sporting teams etc.
  • Community awards will be awarded to students who have performed significant service to the College or the wider community. The Community Colours attempts to recognise a student’s involvement in activities that have enhanced the college values in relation to its sense of community.
  • Academic Colours awards are based on analysis of their Semester 1 and 2 reports by the Colours Panel. Year 7 – 9: at least eight (8) ‘A’ grades, Year 10: at least six (6) ‘A’ grades, Year 11/12 ATAR: at least four (4) ‘A’ grades, Year 11/12 General: at least three (3) ‘A’ grades. No ‘D’ or ‘E’ grades.
  • Full colours awarded to students who have been awarded at least one (1) colours award in each semester for three (3) consecutive years.

In conjunction with the above criteria, all nominations will need to meet the Essential Criteria below:

  1. A student must not have lost good standing that semester.
  2. A student must have an acceptable attendance record (over 90%).
  3. A student must have acceptable work input across all course areas.

Students will be nominated for Academic Colours awards based on analysis of their Semester 1 and 2 reports.

The awards will be presented at a prestigious awards ceremony at the end of the year. Parents and caregivers, as well as staff,  will be invited to this event.