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Communication between the College and home plays a vital role in the ongoing education of our students. We encourage our parents and teachers to keep in contact regularly to ensure your child’s progress is monitored and essential support is provided.

Successful delivery of information relies on up-to-date email and telephone details. Please inform the College if your contact details need updating:

The College uses a variety of methods to communicate important information to both parents and students:

‘Like us’ on Facebook to keep updated with important information, latest events and our students and staff achievements.
At times, the College may send SMS messages to parents to convey vital information or reminders. The SMS system is also utilised to advise parents of unexplained Lates and Absences from the College.
The Department of Education system ‘Connect’ is a web and app-based portal which is a great way for students and parents/guardians to access school reports, course information, homework links, valuable curriculum resources and important notices from teachers. All parents and guardians are rolled into Connect and receive an automatic registration email containing login details when they enrol at the College. If you do not have your login details for Connect please make contact with the school office staff.
The College utilises a system called SEQTA to efficiently monitor and respond quickly to matters of attendance and pastoral care. From time to time parents/caregivers may receive an email from College staff in connection with these aspects of your child’s’ life at the College. This could be anything from an achievement, a cause for concern or an attendance query.
The Ashdale Download newsletter is issued at the end of the Term and is also available on the website. The Download contains information about educational activities and events, student and staff achievements, excursions, visitors to the College, P&C updates and other relevant College information. At the end of the year, we highlight our best moments, from across the year, in an electronic (pdf) magazine. Hard copies of this will be available at the Administration Office for anyone who would like a printed version.
The College uses the Qkr! (pronounced quicker) app for sending excursion documentation and receiving permissions, medical information and payments. You can download the app for your smartphone or portable device. We hope this will make paying for excursions easier for everyone, eliminating the need to complete a medical form for every excursion. Visit your device’s app store and search for Qkr!.
Students receive updates through the Daily Upload notices distributed in Mentor Group. These notices contain information about upcoming events, sporting activities and training, excursion information, student meetings, lunchtime activities and Student Service information.
At various times throughout the year, the College conducts Parent Information Evenings. These sessions are used to convey important information which may be relating to Course Selections, Specialist Programs and Senior School.
At the end of each Semester, the College will issue a formal report for all students meeting the standards required outlined in the School Curriculum and Standards Authority’s  Teaching Assessment and Reporting Policy. Students will also be issued an interim report in Term 1 before the College’s Parent Interview evening.