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Australian Curriculum

Ashdale Secondary College has been planning and implementing the Australian Curriculum in History, Science, English and Mathematics since 2012. Our teachers are experts in the area of curriculum development. They are experienced and equipped to meet the in-depth content required for Year 7 students learning as required in the Australian Curriculum. Ashdale Secondary College will continue to focus on the critical areas of literacy and numeracy and enhance students’ access to specialist teachers in the areas of The Arts, Science and Health and Physical Education.

Pastoral Care

The foundation of Ashdale Secondary College is built on the philosophy of Positive Education. We believe that focusing on student strengths can create positive and safe learning environments that foster and celebrate success. The College has explicit policies and procedures to manage student conflict and does not tolerate bullying or threatening behaviours. The College has a dedicated student services team comprising a Student Services Manager, Learning Support Coordinator, Year Coordinators, Transition Coordinator, Youth Counsellor, Nurse and Psychologist. Ashdale Secondary College fosters and values partnerships with external health providers that we utilise further to enhance our student’s social and emotional well-being.

Personal Items List (Booklist)

Please note that the Personal Items for English include a listing for Education Perfect, a subscription to an online learning platform that will be used extensively for English and is, as such, a requirement for all students. Education Perfect will focus on developing and improving critical skills assessed in NAPLAN later in the year. Student accounts will be managed through the College, and user details will be provided at the start of the year once individual subscriptions are confirmed.

Transition Activities

The Ashdale Cluster of Schools has existed since 2010. The Cluster is a K-12 model designed to enhance students’ educational opportunities by providing specialist facilities and collaboration across schools.

Primary students across the Cluster visit and access the College facilities through programs such as The Primary Science Program, Cluster Muster, Dance Program and Specialist Technology Club.

Transition activities for the Year 6s include a school tour and a two-day transition program. At the end of the year, the Year 7s undertake a comprehensive four-week transition program. These programs are designed to allow the student to experience the secondary school environment and are regularly evaluated, with students and teachers providing feedback.

Student Feedback included:

  • 97.7% of students agreed or strongly agreed that they felt safe at recess and lunch.
  • 95.4% of students agreed or strongly agreed that they felt confident going to secondary school.
  • 94.25% of students agreed or strongly agreed that they enjoyed the specialist facilities, liked the secondary teachers and enjoyed the different subjects.