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Year 7 – 10 General Physical Education

Students participate in a general Physical Education program that supports the development of a healthy lifestyle. Through participation in several teams and individual sports, students are provided with opportunities to improve physical and fitness skills and awareness of the importance of self-discipline, self-respect, enthusiasm, leadership, and cooperation as essential life skills.

Students are required to wear the Ashdale Secondary College sports uniform to classes. They are given opportunities to develop skills in the sporting arena through various avenues, with a wide range of extra-curricular sporting opportunities also available throughout the year.

Year 7 – 10 Health Education

The Health Education Curriculum at Ashdale Secondary College aims to enhance students’ knowledge of health issues and practices. The curriculum focuses on empowering students to weigh up opportunities and challenges and teach them how to make personally and socially responsible decisions to enhance their health and well-being.

Our programs focus on a harm minimisation approach providing students opportunities to better understand the array of choices they have as individuals in varying health-related fields whilst providing harm minimisation strategies that are relevant, relatable and accessible.

Curriculum focus areas studied throughout Years 7-10 align with the WA curriculum. Students will be introduced to Bullying and Social Exclusion, Cyber Safety, Drug Education, First Aid, Mental Health, Nutrition, Respectful Relationships, and Sexual Health.

In Year 10, students complete a comprehensive driver safety curriculum, culminating in attaining their Learner’s permit in class. This program is supported by the RAC and the School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERSA), providing students and parents with the tools required to be safe on WA roads.

Year 9 and 10 Physical Recreation

The Physical Recreation program, run in Years 9 and 10, is designed to engage and provide students with alternative Physical Activity pursuits away from mainstream sports. It encourages students who may not necessarily have an interest in sports an opportunity to engage in a form of physical activity that may be of interest post-school life.

Physical Activity pursuits within this course include Golf, Table Tennis, Ten Pin Bowling, Bocce, Martial Arts, Badminton, Volleyball, Lawn Bowls, Billiards, Yoga and Fitness.

Senior School Physical Education

We offer an ATAR (university-bound) and General Pathway for students who are interested in the Health and Physical Education field.

ATAR Physical Education: A more in-depth look at the human body and its importance in human movement. Students studying this course will have University bound ambitions with external WACE practical and theory exams being undertaken in Year 12. This highly engaging course has strong community partnerships with Edith Cowan University, where students engage in laboratory-based sessions in their state of the Art exercise and sports science laboratories.

General Physical Education: A look into the human body and its importance in everyday human movement. Students studying this course are interested in sporting pursuits. They will complete two lessons per week on the theory of the human body and two lessons per week engaging in physical activity.

Certificate 2 in Sport and Recreation: This certificate allows students to develop skills within the sport and recreation industry in various roles. Students will plan and implement sporting lessons to lower school students, maintain equipment, and provide support at local primary school carnivals, completing required hours of coaching or officiating whilst also grasping an understanding of relevant recreational theory aspects.

Senior School Health Studies

We offer an ATAR (university-bound) and General Pathway for students who are interested in the Health Education field.

ATAR Health Studies: Students are engaged in a more in-depth, professional and macro-level look at health and its impact on an individual, their family, their communities and the world. Students can pursue their interests within the Health field via health expos, using their particular interests to inform others within this field.

General Health Studies: Students study the dimensions of health and explore avenues to minimise risk and harm to themselves, others and the wider community.

Our Health Studies courses provide a great pathway into the medical and health-related fields of employment.

Outdoor Education

In Years 11 and 12, Outdoor Education is offered to students (ATAR, General or VET Pathway students) who show a keen interest in the outdoors.

Students partake in several outdoor pursuits such as Snorkelling, Surfing, Mountain Biking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Orienteering whilst enacting a Leave No Trace philosophy on the environment.

Students complete lessons in the above areas weekly, with either an early start (7:30 am) or late finish (4:00 pm) once a week.

These lessons culminate in a camp each semester.

This course is highly competitive, and the selection process is vigorous. Students are expected to adhere to the ASC Good Standing Policy at all times.

Extra Curricular Sport

In addition to the above in-class courses, we offer all students a wide range of extra-curricular sporting pursuits. Students will have the opportunity to represent the College in many sports, including:

  • AFL 
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Futsal
  • Netball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball 

 *Students in Years 7-10 are also encouraged to participate in interschool lightning carnivals, which are run once per year against other schools locally.

Soccer (male and female) and Netball Academies 

Students within each academy have a passion for their sport and Physical Education in general. Students in the Academy have the desire and commitment to improving their skills, gameplay, and fitness to excel in the sporting arena. They represent Ashdale Secondary College with pride and are positive ambassadors for the academy and the College at all times.

Students wishing to become part of the academy should aim to meet the following criteria:

  • Play their sport in the local community
  • Ensure their attendance at the College is above 90%
  • Maintain their good standing in all other Learning Areas
  • Complete all assessment tasks, meeting the set deadlines in all other Learning Areas
  • Display leadership characteristics in all facets of College life