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Breakfast Club

In 2019, Ashdale Secondary College launched its Breakfast Club. Thanks, in part, to the generous support of Brumbies Darch and Wanneroo Uniforms, we can provide complimentary breakfast in cosy surroundings for all our students. The Club runs from 7.45 am until 8.30 am every morning. It has a variety of foodstuffs available for students to help themselves to – Milo, hot chocolate, fruit juice, and toast with a variety of spreads such as butter, jam, honey, cheese and vegemite. There is always plenty of fruit and even tasty sweet surprises such as pastries and healthy cupcakes – and it is all FREE to ensure not a single Ashdale student needs to start the day hungry.

Bowls of fruit are also available throughout the school day at Student Services for anyone who misses the Breakfast Club! Many staff give up their morning lie-ins to ensure everything runs smoothly, another example of how wonderful a College we have.

Lunch Clubs & Activities

Ashdale Secondary College strongly focuses on supporting student well-being and providing opportunities for students to do exciting things. The number of clubs and activities offered at lunchtime continues to grow, with student voice allowing students to have a say in the types of clubs available. The College is always open to new club ideas from our students!

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