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Student Services 

The Student Services Centre has been set up to provide assistance for students who may be experiencing academic, vocational, social, emotional or health concerns. Student Services support staff are located in Block 6.

The Student Services team consists of the Program Coordinator – Senior School, Program Coordinator (Middle School), Program Coordinator (Junior School), Year Coordinators, Psychologist, the Community Health Nurse, Student Support Coordinator, and Attendance Officers.

Program CoordinatorsProgram Coordinators coordinate and manage the Student Services team. They work collaboratively with teaching and non-teaching staff, families and the wider education community to promote positive behaviour and excellent attendance, and attend to the welfare and social/emotional needs of our students.
Year CoordinatorsYear Coordinators lead their cohorts and assist with social, emotional, welfare, attendance, academic and behavioural concerns. They provide advice to teachers and Heads of Learning Areas and meet the changing needs of students by being a conduit between parents, teachers and external support agencies. Year Coordinators follow their groups from Year 7 to Year 12.
PsychologistCollege Psychologists are available (by appointment) for consultation with students and parents. They assist in the areas of behaviour management, complex social/emotional concerns, students with special needs, problem solving strategies and evaluation of education programs.
Student Support CoordinatorProvides holistic care to individuals or groups of students. They also support multicultural events and activities held throughout the College.
Community Health NurseA Community Health Nurse is available in Student Services. The role combines health promotion and education, and first aid to students on campus.