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**2024 applications have closed.

Education is necessary today, and every child deserves access to it. Unfortunately, not all children have the same privileges, and some may struggle with the financial burden of school fees. To help, Ashdale Secondary College is in the privileged position of having an anonymous benefactor help Year 10 students pay their Year 11 and Year 12 school fees.

The Ashdale Secondary College Positive Futures Initiative provides financial assistance to students with exceptional academic performance, good behaviour, and a willingness to achieve a positive future. The Initiative aims to help outstanding students reach their full potential and succeed in their senior schooling. However, the students must meet specific criteria to be eligible.

To qualify for the Positive Futures Initiative, the student must apply by addressing their future aspirations, how they will achieve their goals, the positive impact they wish to make within society, having positive longitudinal course achievement, and demonstrating consistent progress in their academic performance. They should have impressive grades, showing dedication to their studies and performance. A College-based referee must be provided to attest to the student’s claims in their application. A panel will evaluate the student’s record of discipline and determine if the student is a successful beneficiary of the Initiative.

Students must complete an application form and address each eligibility criterion. Once the application has been reviewed, the panel will advise students of the outcome.

The Positive Futures Initiative is an exciting initiative that helps to promote educational equity by giving deserving students a chance to advance their education despite their financial situation. Through this, many students can continue their education and achieve academic success. Additionally, we hope the Initiative helps motivate students to strive for academic excellence, knowing their hard work and dedication can lead to future success.

Education is a fundamental right, and every student should have the opportunity to learn and grow without financial burden. The Positive Futures Initiative ensures deserving students receive the support they need to achieve academic success and have a positive societal impact. This Initiative will allow more students to access their chosen courses and achieve their goals.

Applications openWeeks 4 – 7Term 2
Applications closeWeek 7Term 2
SSO opens (Year 10 into 11)Week 9Term 2
Course counselling and interviewsWeek 9Term 2
Panel reviewWeek 9Term 2
Notification of outcomesWeek 10Term 2
Subject Selections closeWeek 1Term 3