Soccer (male and female) and Netball Academies 

Students within each academy have a passion for their sport and Physical Education in general. Students in the Academy have the desire and commitment to improving their skills, gameplay, and fitness to excel in the sporting arena. They represent Ashdale Secondary College with pride and are positive ambassadors for the academy and the College at all times.

Students wishing to become part of the academy should aim to meet the following criteria:

  • Play their sport in the local community
  • Ensure their attendance at the College is above 90%
  • Maintain their good standing in all other Learning Areas
  • Complete all assessment tasks, meeting the set deadlines in all other Learning Areas
  • Display leadership characteristics in all facets of College life

Physical Education

Students participate in a general physical education program that supports the development of a healthy lifestyle. Through participation in several teams and individual sports, students are provided with opportunities to improve and develop physical skills and fitness and awareness of the importance of self-discipline, self-respect, enthusiasm, leadership, and cooperation as essential life skills.
Students are required to wear the Ashdale Secondary College sports uniform to classes. They are provided with opportunities in developing skills in the sporting arena through a range of avenues, including lunchtime sports and interschool and optional specialist sports programs.

Health Education

The Health Education Curriculum at Ashdale Secondary College aims to enhance students’ knowledge of health issues and practices. The curriculum’s focus is to empower students to weigh up opportunities and challenges and teach them how to make personally and socially responsible decisions to enhance their health and well-being. Students will achieve this by investigating several health topics, including drug use, growth and development, resilience and mental health, road safety and lifestyle choices.