Students at Ashdale Secondary College wear our uniform with pride. It signifies a united community, family, friendship and common purpose. Ashdale’s distinctive uniform connects the students and helps to develop a sense of unity and a sense of belonging. It also reminds us that education is important – we are in it together.

How you look reflects a state of mind. Wearing a school uniform has a positive impact on student attendance and behaviour. At Ashdale, we take pride in all we do. We are particularly proud of the significant accomplishments of our students, and we want them to be recognised as confident ambassadors of the College.

Please refer to our current uniform catalogue for images and details on Ashdale Secondary College uniform.

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Ashdale Secondary College has a community endorsed dress code that, in accordance with the Education Act of 1999, all students are to conform with at all times unless otherwise directed. The cooperation of parents is sought in setting and maintaining a high standard of dress, appearance and cleanliness of their child by ensuring that they conform to the dress code.

For further information on the College Dress Code, please see the Dress Code Policy in the About Us section of this website.