Senior School Pathways

Ashdale Secondary College responds flexibly to the needs of students and provides an innovative, inclusive and adult learning environment. Our approach respects all students and supports them to acquire the skills, knowledge and values to achieve a positive future.

Studying at the senior level means that students are able to take greater responsibility for their decisions. This allows students to choose courses in their chosen pathway that assist them in moving towards their future career pathway. Two types of study pathways are offered at the College:

  • ATAR (University) Pathway Program
  • General Pathway Program (Non-University)

All students will study six (6) course equivalents in Year 11 and six (6) course equivalents in Year 12. Once a student has commenced their program of study, the College encourages students to continue with the same courses into Year 12. Course changes are usually only considered where the program of study is too difficult for that student.

Ashdale Secondary College is at the forefront of curriculum innovation, offering an extensive array of courses aimed at accommodating the diverse needs of our students. We offer an extensive counselling program for all Year 10 students as they consider their Year 11 and 12 course selections. This counselling is based on selection for success in desired career pathways. All parents are encouraged to engage in this process and to consider the recommendations on course selections as suggested by the classroom teachers. The counselling will continue through to the end of Year 12.

ATAR (University) Pathway Courses

These courses are examined externally for the purposes of university entrance. Students will be required to study a minimum of five ATAR courses in Year 11 and subsequently the corresponding five ATAR courses in Year 12. Students will also be required to complete a Certificate II or higher.  A one year certificate course is recommended for Year 11 students in the ATAR pathway.

For ATAR courses studied in Year 12, in addition to the grade (determined by the College), students are required to complete an external exam for each course. The final mark for each course is 50% of their school mark and 50% of the mark attained in the external exam.

The entrance requirements for ATAR courses are a B grade or higher in year 10 subjects. Students must have met OLNA requirements (minimum literacy and numeracy).

General Pathway Courses (Non-University)

These courses are for students aiming to enter further training or the workforce after the completion of Year 12. These courses are assessed at the College level, however, students will complete an Externally Set Task (EST), a task that is set by SCSA for moderation purposes. These courses do not contribute to direct university entrance eligibility. It is recommended that students select a course to study over the two years, as it can be very difficult to pick up a new course in Year 12 if the background has not been developed in Year 11.

There are no minimum requirements for general courses.

Important Dates

Year 12 Ball, 26 Mar
Year 12 Semester One Exams, 24 May – 4 Jun
Year 11 Semester One Exams, 8 Jun – 18 Jun
Year 12 Breakfast, 24 Sep
Year 12 Semester Two Exams, 4 Oct – 12 Oct
Year 12 Graduation Rehearsal, 14 Oct
Year 12 Graduation, 21 Oct
Year 11 Semester Two Exams, 2 Nov – 13 Nov
Year 11 General Final Day, 12 Nov
Year 11 ATAR Final Day, 3 Dec

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